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The Environmental and Industrial Safety Group (MEDASEGI) is attached to the Department of Chemical and Nuclear Engineering (DIQN) of the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV).

Currently, the group consists of eleven MEDASEGI members belonging to DIQN, Radiation Service (SRAD) and other departments of the UPV.

MEDASEGI develops its R+D+i in two major areas. The first related to the Nuclear Security, Probabilistic Risk Analysis and Reliability and Asset Management . The second is related to the radiation metrology. This site is dedicated to the first of the two areas, while the second takes place in the framework of the Environmental Radioactivity Laboratory.

The main area of work are nuclear power plants and radioactive facilities, although the methods and tools developed are applicable to other industrial facilities such as those belonging to the Energy Sector, Chemical and Petrochemical, Gas, Power, Transportation, etc …